Physical Guarding

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Crime Prevention

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Armed Escorting

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VIP Protection

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Locking & Unlocking

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Why choose Gasela Protection Services

Gasela Protection Services is an asset and personnel protection specialist company where our guard force is at cutting edge and delivers the highest professionalism and quality 24 hours, 7 days a week. We cater for the following sectors:

  • State Owned Enterprises
  • Freight Protection
  • Retail
  • Government Buildings
  • Bank/ATM Protection
  • Residential Protection
  • Industrial
  • Personal / VIP

Your Life, Our Protection

Best physical & digital security to all sectors of the market nationwide

99+Projects Done
37+Happy Clients


  • Business Clusters
  • Industrial Districts
  • Industrial Park
  • Technology Centres


  • Apartment Complex
  • City Blocks
  • Company Town/ Office Parks
  • Golf Course
  • Community
  • Gated Community
  • Housing Estate
  • Private Community
  • Public Housing
  • Residential Area
  • Retirement Community


  • Famous Entertainers & Celebrities
  • New Correspondents
  • Athletes
  • Diplomats
We have carefully crafted and perfected all of our services, guided by our commitment to our clients’
success and drive to continually leverage the best practices, equipment, and technology available.
  • Advanced Driving
  • Firearm Competency
  • Embussing & Debussing
  • Escort Protection
  • First Aid Competency
  • Non- Lethal Weapons Competency
  • Protection in Transits Competency
  • Static Protection Competency
  • Martial Arts Budoshin Ju-Jitsu

Good communication


Organizational and clerical


Protection Experience


Customer service

Our Core Objectives
  • Evaluateassessing risk profiles and the unpacking of risk management upfront.
  • Liberalbreakthrough from traditional approaches to security service, leadership innovation package.
  • Integritythe ability to ensure that data is an accurate and unchanged representation of the original secure information. One type of security attack is to intercept some important data and make changes to it before sending it on to the intended receiver.
  • Timorous & Trustworthywe embody reliability, integrity, worthy of trust and principled in our execution and stakeholder engagement.
  • Efficacywe have the power and capacity to produce a desire effect on our service offerings.

Experience and Reach

The success of our firm will only be measured by the level of peace of mind that our client’s experience while under our protection.


The company has its own UHF and VHF frequencies.

Gasela Protection Services utilizes various means of communication ranging from hand held portable radios, mobile base radios, trunking radios and cellphones, with a focus on maximum communication enhancement and connectivity at all times.


Gasela Protection operates a 24 hour national nerve centre manned by senior personnel.

All the operators are suitably experienced, with grade A being a minimum qualification. The nerve centre is fully compliant in terms of SAPS legislation and meets the highest quality standards with regards to safety and security. Each branch has its own dedicated control room which is all linked to the national nerve centre.

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